Communicating With Your Physician

X-Ray Submission

If you would like us to review your x-rays, we can accept the image via mail or email. Please be sure to include your name, DOB, phone number, and email address. Upon receipt, we will review the films and call you within 5-7 business days.

To ensure we can open the image, please either email a jpeg version of your film to:, or send it on a disk via USPS or FedEx to: 

Susan Knudson
Pro Ortho
901 Boren Avenue, Suite #711
Seattle, WA 98104

Do not send links to Dropbox or other depositories or large zip files. 


You may want to consider a telehealth visit with Dr. Pritchett. After submitting your images and basic information this can be arranged for a cost of $300. 

Email Guidelines

  1. Please understand that emergency needs cannot be met by email and that email may not be checked on a regular basis. Urgencies should be referred to the office or the 24-hour answering service.
  2. If the problem that you plan to email is complicated or long, it would be better for you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pritchett for a visit or phone call. If you email an extremely complex problem, we may email you back and ask you to schedule an appointment. Security of email messages is limited by your server, computer, software, browser, and access to your system.
  3. Security is appropriately controlled on our website and email system. Email is not a substitute for an office visit and/or physical examination. It is only a convenient means of introduction or communication to handle simple needs, questions, or drawing attention to various aspects of your care.
  4. Copies of your email correspondence may be kept in your chart if you become a patient of Dr. Pritchett.
  5. If you abuse your email privileges, such electronic interaction may be terminated at any time, by email filters and your messages will not be read.

As Recommended by the American Medical Association

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