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A Physician's Thoughts and Tips for Patients Needing Hip Replacement Surgery

Dr. James Pritchett, a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with the Swedish Orthopedic Institute, talks about hip replacement surgery and treatment options. He walks you through standard hip replacement procedure and discusses the difference between metal and ceramic implants. He also talks about the importance of a patient feeling like they've been heard by their surgeon -- that their symptoms have been listened to so that their operation can be tailored to them.

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Cross Linked Polyethylene Hip Resurfacing

Dr. Pritchett describes and demonstrates a polyethylene hip socket for hip resurfacing.

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Total Hip Resurfacing

Dr. Pritchett describes the goals, expectations, outcomes and types of materials used for hip resurfacing. Dr. Pritchett demonstrates the extreme resistance to breakage and durability of the new ceramic materials used for total hip resurfacing.

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Dr. Pritchett has performed more than 100 hip resurfacing procedures for physicians.

Surgeon Receives Resurfacing

Among the successful outcomes are several orthopedic surgeons who selected resurfacing for their arthritic hip even if they had not acquired to skill for resurfacing for their own patients.

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Metal Sensitivity

The awareness of metal sensitivity with respect to total joint replacement implants has increased recently…

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Knee Prostheses

Total knee replacement (TKR) using any of the available knee prostheses is a reliable pro- cedure for the relief of pain and to increase function in patients with arthritis. Patients may have preferences as to the type of knee prosthe- sis which they receive and surgeons certainly have preferences…

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Interview with Dr. Pritchett at the BHR Symposium

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Metallosis of Resurfaced Hip

The incidence of metallosis after metal-on-metal hip resurfacing varies, yet may not be as common as feared. Metallosis can also result from metal-on- metal total hip replacement. The reasons patients develop metallosis are…

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Featured Article: Partial Hip Replacement in Seattle, WA

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Polyethylene Hip Resurfacing Using Highly Cross-linked Polyethylene: Prospective Study Results at 8.5 Years

Hip resurfacing is an option to consider when treating younger, more active patients. Advantages over total hip arthroplasty include a more normal gait and a lower incidence of thigh pain…

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